Seasons Section I: 1.HL:Serial Killer 2.HL:Campus 3.HL:Summer Camp 4.HL:Abandoned Town 5.HL:LaLaurie Mansion 6.HL:Bloody Mary 7.HL:Slenderman 8.HL:Aliens 9.HL:A Way Back to Earth 10.HL:Kidnapper Section II: 11.HL:Family Murder House 12.HL:Hospital 13.HL:Witches 14.HL:Filming Set 15.HL:Hotel 16.HL:Twenties 17.HL:Thirties 18.HL:Forties 19.HL:Haunted School 20.HL:The Fatal End:Creatures Characters of "HL:Serial Killer" Main Characters Detective Wisolm Olivia Marine Doctor Collins Emma Raechella James Marcis Constance Ledeenee Recurring Characters Peter Winchester Ben Smith Marchelo Beoson Dayana Yoote Caron Dean Guest Characters Arry Lingston Principal Martin Mrs. Carol Character/Episode Table Other Cast Cast Table for Section I Cast Table for Section II