A place in the USA - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is ruined by a serial killer that shakes the entire city.


Detective Wisolm, a good man that registers the murders that happen in the city and to unmask the killer.

Olivia Marine, a smart girl in Ralley Highschool that is interested in the murders that happen in her city. She tries to unmask the murderer too. She is a rival to Emma.

Doctor Collins, a doctor who takes DNA tests and helps Detective Wisolm into catching the killer.

Emma Raechella, a popular and a beautiful girl in Gettysburg that's the it-girl and she is also very rich.

James Marcis, a normal man that covers the murders in the city.

Constance Ledeenee, an old woman that knows everything about everyone with an incredible story.


Peter Winchester, the coffie stocker of the city. He's a main suspect in the murders, but he claims to be innocent.

Ben Smith, a normal man in the city that plans to leave, but is stuck there. He loves reading.

Marchelo Beoson, a man that hasn't heard the word "culture" and is always very loud.

Dayana Yoote, the singer of the city. She is a rival to Emma, because Emma is jealous of her.

Caron Dean, the right hand of Emma.


Arry Lingston, the second friend of Emma.

Principal Martin, the principal of "Ralley Highschool".

Mrs. Carol, Olivia, Emma, Marcheolo, Caron and Arry's English teacher.

# Episode Name: Written By: Directed By: Date:
1. Pilot
2. First Text
3. Dead To Me
4. Carnival
5. Die For Me
6. Unmasked