A serial killer in Georgia University is on the loose and takes it's victims from the residents of Queen's House - one of the houses on the Campus.


Dean Carry Golding, the dean of students.

Gina Peeles, the national president of the Campus.

Will Garrett, the English teacher from the university.

Cheryl O'Beirne, the most popular girl in the university and the queen-bee and the president of Queen's House.

Grace Spencer, a new girl, looking for a real sisterhood in Queen's House.

Katie Wenston, Cheryl's minion and helper.

Lidya Putterick, Cheryl's minion and helper.

Heather Ursler, a pledge to Queen's House.

Zerildi Willmas, Grace's best friend and a new pledge to Queen's House.

Brad Caldwell, the most popular boy of the university.

Peter Diller, a guy working in the School's Newspaper.